Goal of the OHMEPA Code of Conduct

The Ontario Home Medical Equipment Providers Association (OHMEPA) represents Ontario’s manufacturers, distributors and vendors of assistive devices and supplies. The products include items such as wheelchairs, walkers, incontinence products, hearing aids, masks, gloves, portable oxygen supply devices, patient transfer systems, enteral feeding devices, prosthetics and orthotics.

OHMEPA’s mission is to enhance independence through the provision of assistive devices to Ontarians with disabilities. OHMEPA believes that access to high quality healthcare technology is critical to improving the independence of Ontarians. In pursuing this mission, OHMEPA members recognize that adherence to ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws and funder contracts is essential. OHMEPA requires its members, and their staff to maintain ethical business practices and are socially responsible related to the conduct of their business.

Members of OHMEPA respect the obligation of Healthcare Professionals to make independent choices regarding products that are in the best interests of their clients. OHMEPA members must meet all applicable Health Canada regulations. All members selling assistive devices in Ontario must have applicable Health Canada Medical Device Licenses.

Each member company must ensure that all products sold in Ontario meet all applicable Canadian Standards Association (CSA) regulations. Each member company must honor their product warrantees. All members must provide their provincial assistive devices programs with product recall information and other relevant public announcements when there is a significant issue with a medical device they have sold. Member companies must also notify provincial assistive device programs of any significant product changes to any listed products including the discontinuation of product lines. Member companies will ensure that provisions are in place to provide appropriate services to a product’s users.

Member Professionalism

Members behave in a professional, respectful, and ethical manner at all times.

Research and Education

OHMEPA members support research, education and development of professional skills that enhance patient safety and improved quality of care.

Safe and Effective Use of Assistive Devices

The safe and effective use of assistive devices requires members to offer Healthcare Professionals appropriate instruction, education, training, service and technological support. Member companies shall encourage ethical business practices and socially responsible industry conduct and shall not use any unlawful inducement to sell, lease, recommend or arrange for the sale, lease, or prescription of their products.

Product Training and Education

OHMEPA recognizes the importance of ensuring that Healthcare Professionals have continuing education and training. OHMEPA members will ensure that the primary purpose of any education program is to address the education and training needs of the Healthcare Professional. Any hospitality extended will be modest in value and emphasize the educational component of the program.

Member provided programs and events will be conducted in clinical, educational, conference or other appropriate settings. All trainers will have appropriate qualifications and expertise.


Staff from Member Companies may occasionally provide modest gifts to Healthcare Professionals. Other than the gift of literature, textbooks or anatomical models used for educational purposes, any gift will have a fair market value of less than $100. Member Companies may give Healthcare Professionals promotional items of minimal value related to the Healthcare Professional’s work or for the benefit of patients. Gifts may not be given in the form of cash or cash equivalents. Member Companies may also provide appropriate sample products for use in product evaluation.

Consumer Protection

Members treat consumers with dignity and respect their diversity in delivering a customized solution that is right for them. Where required and recommended, members work under the guidance of medical professionals to provide the highest level of care for clients.

Members provide a high level of support and service to consumers throughout the lifecycle of the product

Effective February 14, 2024