Vendor-Authorizer Committee

October 7, 2022
  1. Role

To provide a means of collaboration between \vendors and authorizers to identify and alleviate issues related to the provision of seating, mobility and ambulatory products and services in Ontario in an environment of continuous improvement.


  1. Responsibilities
    1. Provide a communication channel between vendors and authorizers
    2. Develop best practices for the delivery of seating, mobility and ambulatory equipment and services
    3. Share experiences and facilitate bilateral education related to the respective roles of authorizers and vendors
    4. Identify gaps and/or challenges with current ADP funding, policies and procedures
    5. Review and provide commentary and advice to the OHMEPA board for communication to government and funding agencies related to the funding of assistive devices
    6. Build consensus among authorizers and vendors related to funding and service delivery models
    7. Recommend a code of ethics for the seating and mobility sector in Ontario


  1. Membership
  • 3 OHMEPA member vendor representatives
  • 3 Registered ADP Authorizers
  • Other experts as required